As part of Canadian Tire’s We All Play for Canada campaign, “Team Photo” built on the insight that it takes a community to raise an athlete and celebrates the contributions of unsung individuals who help athletes achieve greatness.
Director: Steve Chase  |  Editor: Mick Griffin
Team Photo not only connected with hockey fans watching the Sochi Olympics but also with many Canadians that support organized sports at every level. More importantly, it helped Canadian Tire firmly establish itself as a top-tier Olympic sponsor with the best performing launch in Canadian history.
To help us learn more about Jonathan, we interviewed with many of his closest supporters and turned them into short digital documentaries. Below, are two of my favorites.
Director: Bud Williamson
Some of the people we featured in the digital documentaries became the focus of additional TV spots celebrating the type of supporter they represent.
In addition to producing online films we developed enough content to co-produce a 30 minute broadcast documentary with CBC that aired during the 2014 Sochi Olympics and was watched by an incredible 2.4 million households! To put that in perspective, Hockey Night in Canada averages a viewership of only 2.1 million.
Editor: Giorgio Saturnino
One of my favorite parts of creating Team Photo was the opportunity to design a hockey jersey to represent Canada. If you look closely at the veins inside the leaf, you'll notice they are shaped like little hockey sticks.
The jersey wasn't the only clothing we made. Through some good connections, good luck and some good will we persuaded famous hockey sportscaster Don Cherry to wear our Team Photo as one of his jackets on TV. And he did for over five minutes of air time on CBC's Hockey Day in Canada.
Footage courtesy of Hockey Night in Canada.

For an overview of the entire campaign, watch the integrated case study below.
Team Photo was awarded Best in Show at Marketing's Media Innovation Awards, gold and silver at the Canadian Marketing Awards, silver at the Cassies and merited in the integrated campaign category at ADCC's Directions.